A Disputed Trust and Financial Elder Abuse Case in San Francisco

My elderly great aunt had been taken over by a predatory neighbor who procured a trust that gave the neighbor my great aunt’s house.  Noël stepped into the case and immediately investigated for other wrongdoing.  Noël quickly discovered that my great aunt had been the victim of embezzlement as well.

We always felt that we were in very good hands with Noël.  She had a proactive approach with good strategic planning every step of the way.  Noël skillfully managed our case, and resolved it very quickly.  At our mediation, Noël stared down the woman who had victimized my great aunt and forced this woman to accept just a tiny share of the estate, and relinquish the rest.

The case ended on a very positive note and justice prevailed.  We cannot believe our good fortune to have found Noël.  It was a pleasure to work with her.


A Disputed Trust and Elder Abuse Case in San Mateo County

My uncle, who was very wealthy, had been victimized by his caretaker and by the caretaker’s son, a twice convicted felon.  Noël figured out that while the son was in county jail, he had fallen in with another criminal, together they had taken over my uncle’s bank accounts, and were making tens of thousands of “on line” transfers out of my uncle’s accounts and into their own.

The caretaker and his son also procured a new estate plan that gave all of my uncle’s estate to them.  Noël went after these perpetrators very aggressively.  She got the District Attorney involved—and she put the housekeeper and the son in fear of going to jail, or back to jail.  Noël also brought suit against the attorney who helped these criminals put the estate plan in place.

Ultimately, the attorney paid for his malpractice, to the full extent of his professional negligence insurance policy, and the caretaker and his son were forced to give back almost everything they had stolen.

All the while, I and all my family were dealing with this from out of state.  Noël represented our interests most effectively, and we were amazed at the quantity and quality of work she produced on our behalf.  We feel very lucky that we found her, and that she took us on.


A Disputed Inheritance and Elder Abuse Case in San Francisco

Although I met Noël Margaret Lawrence due to a legal issue in my life, I am now blessed to count her among my friends. During the course of my case, Noël represented me with full confidence and competence, showing compassion when I needed it, and demonstrating a strength and determination to opposing counsel when that was necessary.

Any good lawyer has to blend an understanding of people with a full knowledge of the law in their area of practice. Noël has that gift, and she uses it well.

—E.J.G. Attorney at Law

A Trust Contest and Financial Elder Abuse Case in Riverside County

In our work with colleges and other institutions of higher education, we have had the pleasure of working with Noël Lawrence in connection with trust litigation. These projects can involve extremely sensitive donor relationships amid allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, testamentary abuse, and even elder abuse.

Noël’s determined, yet diplomatic approach, combined with her striking knowledge of applicable law and her comfort in a litigation setting, made these cases understandable, accessible and winnable for our clients. I have not hesitated to recommend Noël to other counsel and parties faced with difficult estate and trust disputes, and look forward to working with her again in the future.

—K. M. Attorney at Law

A Will Contest in San Francisco

Noël Lawrence represented my family in contesting a will signed by my aunt at a time when she did not have capacity and was the victim of undue influence. Noël was able to settle the case and recover far more for us than if we have gone to trial and won. Noël maximized our recovery by structuring the settlement in the manner most advantageous under the Internal Revenue Code relative to Estate Tax and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax.

Noël also was knowledgeable about how to amend the Federal Estate Tax return and deduct her attorney’s fees against the Federal Estate Tax. That deduction resulted in a refund that significantly defrayed the cost of the litigation. Every step of the way Noël navigated us through the law and the tax code to achieve on optimum result for my family. We were entirely satisfied and very grateful.

—J.U. Attorney at Law

A Protracted Trust Dispute and Real Property Dispute in San Francisco

Noël helped me through a very difficult case and a very difficult time in my life. My brother had taken over my elderly father and, using my father’s money, was waging war on me. It was the worst time in my life—but Noël stood by me for as long as it took to resolve the case.  She persevered until we got the result we wanted.

Noël Lawrence is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent attorney. She has good communication and writing skills, as well as excellent analytical and reasoning abilities.  She is very hard working and presents herself extremely well in court.

My family and I will be grateful to Noël for the rest of our lives.


A Co-Worker for Eight Years

I worked side by side with Noël for eight years. I know everything there is to know about her abilities.  I will sum it up this way: Noël is intelligent, she is thorough, and she is utterly meticulous.  Noël is very energetic and does all the hard work to bring a case to successful resolution. In the eight years I worked for Noël, I never saw a client get a disappointing result.  Noël wins cases.


A Disputed Trust and Financial Elder Abuse Case in Alameda County

My family hired Noël to contest an amendment my mother made to her living trust that disinherited everyone but my sister. My sister and her husband are frightening people with a criminal record—but Noël did not hesitate.

We had a six day trial. At the conclusion we had a total victory against my sister and her husband. In addition to invalidating the trust, my sister was also found guilty of elder abuse. Punitive damages were awarded against her as well as double damages under the Probate Code. The award against her was so great that she owed more to the trust than her share of the trust under the valid instrument. So, Noël managed to get my sister entirely disinherited, and in the end, she took nothing.

Needless to say, my family and I were very happy with the representation and we are very grateful to Noël for helping us through this most difficult time.